The Coming Revolution

Jesus declared  “The time has come,” he said. “The kingdom of God has come near.” in Mark 1:15. This is not a lofty and inaccessible declaration that is not grounded in reality.

I am deeply convinced that this kingdom will not be a small thing, but that it will be a political, economic, cultural, social and religious revolution of worldwide proportions.

It is a kingdom in every sense of the word but it’s power is based on nothing that this world bases is power on. It is not an external, an overarching, top down entity that forces itself upon the people and upon current structures.

Rather it’s influence is bottom up, like clear and pure spring water from the ground, it purifies everything it touches. Meekness and humility are this kingdom’s primary characteristics. It melts away all barriers with it’s gentle strength and unyielding love. it gives life and freedom to all to see and be and do as we were made to.

So in one sense, this post, which in some ways is a public declaration is antithetical to it’s nature. Such a kingdom needs no such announcements. It needs no enforcers.

The kingdom revolution, is first and foremost a revolution that begins internally. It begins in our hearts. And a generation is being raised up who hold this reality increasingly in their hearts – who will say: “first be the king of my life. first be the king of my heart, first be the king of my mind, first be the king of my soul.” This is a generation that is walking in greater and greater levels of freedom and authenticity, clarity and purpose, humility and selflessness. This is a generation that seeks the face of the God of Jacob.


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