The coming generation

“I see a generation, rising up to take their place, with selfless faith.” – Hosanna by Brooke Fraser

A generation of young people are being raised up from rags and brokenness,  from drinking from the broken cisterns of materialism and consumerism finding that they could not possibly satisfy. This is generation who know deeply who God is through the testimonies and scars in their lives that give evidence to God’s goodness, faithfulness and love in all circumstances. Such knowledge does not cause a blind idealism that cannot deal with the realities of a suffering and evil world, but equips them to redeem and restore and love those in the trenches.

They are a generation that will be known for their remarkable levels of freedom. Freedom not found in owning or purchasing or satisfying their cravings, but a freedom to live in a simplicity and purity and authencity that comes from the knowledge that their home is not of this world.

They are a generation who will follow Jesus at any personal cost. And yet remarkably they will see following Jesus as easy and burdenless, for the rewards far outweigh the costs if it could still be called as such when things are seen in the right perspective.

They are a generation who understand that they are weak. They understand humanity’s weakness, and of the need to keep truth up front in daily consciousness. They understand that any progress in life and spirituality is made by putting one foot in front of the other.

They are the Psalm 24 generation. Like no other before them.



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