The wondrous dance of divine sovereignty and human freedom.

We must be sure of the reality that human beings have complete freedom and free-will. And yet in and the fullness of human freedom, God is completely sovereign. I don’t believe God has a plan B, he is far too sovereign. Jesus was not plan B. Somehow in the glorious dance of divine sovereignty and human freedom, both are fully in expression, and in this sense you cannot possibly miss out on what is God’s plan A for you.

The words of Joseph to his brothers in Pharoah’s palace come to mind:

As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today (Gen 50:20)”

Disobedience is not a cause for you to miss out on that God has for you. He is far too good to us, and far too sovereign. This reality doesn’t take anything away from the fact that we actually were disobedient. And this is the beauty of this ‘dance’ – divine will does not smother human freedom.

This is our hope – that there is redemption in every fall, hope in every valley, life in every death. When we look upon the events of crucifixion of Christ, in what was a great display of human ignorance and arrogance, lay the greatest redeeming act in the history of the universe. In that one event, in the fullness of human disobedience, hatred, pride and ignorance, the son of God was crucified by men. In that same event, in the fullness of divine design and goodness and redemption, the race of men was redeemed by God.

We are without a doubt the most blessed race to ever exist for the fact that we have perfect reason for the fullness of hope in every moment, and in particular in the darkest moments of our lives.

And so in such a way, we can see that in the beautiful reality of the Kingdom of God, there exists the space for the fullness of responsibility and accountability and yet a fullness of rest, peace and joy.


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