Morning musings on light and a coming kingdom

The picture is the view out my room window. The winter solstice was a bit more than 2 months ago now and in the early mornings the light has been steadily increasing. My 6am wake-ups are met with a hint of light in the sky now.

We live in a day and an age where the light is increasing, and the darkness is also increasing. We are all called to be part of the increasing light. To be people of the light. I believe this should play itself out in a number of ways: We are to be people who physically open their windows, pull up their blinds, people who live in transparency and openness and authenticity. We are to go to bed early and wake up early. We are to be persistent and ruthless about shining the light into darkness in our hearts and in our relationships.

And we know that the kingdom of light is coming and is overtaking and overcoming all other kingdoms and darknesses. It’s dominion will be complete. That sounds scarey, but unlike any kingdom this earth has seen or any kingdom that man has tried to build, it’s not a kingdom that enforces itself top down in any sense – by the setting of rules and restrictions, standards and perfections. It is a beautiful kingdom that influences from the bottom up. There is an irresistible drawing and beckoning. And before we know our walls are melted, our hearts are yielded and we find ourselves submitted…and free. It is an internal revolution before the external. Hidden and unseen before it is displayed. And in that sense it is so beautifully authentic.

It is a kingdom that we are caught up in – there is no sense in which we could have conceived of any of it or in which we could make it happen. And yet it is a kingdom that invites full participation, full responsibility and fullness of desire.

And though we may struggle to see it at the moment, as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow, the momentum is building and this kingdom comes.





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