An Inconvenient Truth

A rather inconvenient truth is this: that Jesus died and rose again and that he calls us to follow suit every single day of our lives.

It is incredibly inconvenient and yet incalculably lucrative. Inconvenient because nothing else could ever be so disruptive. Lucrative because what we get in return for giving up our lives is incomparable.

And so it’s rather ironic – that we are so precious with our lives. But then again who’s to blame. But here’s the point: in the dying and rising there is a glorious exchange:

Ashes for beauty
Mourning for dancing
Weeping for joy
Sickness for health
Bondage for freedom

It is freedom because we are freed from all other masters who only lead to destruction – the worst of all – me.

And to the extent he reigns and rules over my life
To the extent I choose to lay my life down once again this day
Is the extent I find freedom, is the extent I find desire, is the extent I find life and purpose.

Any other way of doing life that doesn’t involve the giving up of self fundamentally misunderstands human nature. It does so in a number of ways, but the most key – is that no other framework can deal with the element of human pride (the crux of most if not all of our issues) in the way that self-denial does. This could be developed further, but perhaps not here.

And with my daily death, my sin, my shame, my fear, my brokenness, my disease also dies. And I rise, I rise with him, in desire, in glory, in hope.

Yes, rather inconvenient, but incalculably glorious.


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