On Changing the world

“Look Hannah, I’m digging up the world!”

This was the exclamation of a child in PNG as he was digging in some dirt.

And it just struck me as an incredibly profound statement. A beautiful perspective that belies truth held with a healthy optimism, though most adults would probably dismiss it as innocently silly or naive.

The problem with most adult minds is that our perspective is tainted by a cynicism that kills hope. We also have been taught to value the big and the flashy. The immediate and the pleasurable.

And it takes a paradoxical understanding of all of life’s activities to be healthy and productive. That there is huge significance to every insignificant thing we do. And it is incredibly interesting to me that the child is able to hold the paradox in his mind with such ease.

And I am reminding myself this morning that the most significant actions and decisions, thoughts and words are perhaps the ones that seem the most insignificant. The world is there for us to change it. But it is to be done one thought at a time. Perhaps this is what Jesus also meant in a roundabout way when he said, “whatever you did not do for the least of these, you did not do it for me.”

We all grow up wanting to change the world. But we fail to realise that we must do it, nonchalantly, moving one pile of dirt at a time.




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