This is a flower I bought last week from Pike Place Market in Seattle.

Just imagine with me for a minute…

What kind of a man would make a thing like this? And what was going through his mind?

A thing so meticulously detailed and breathtakingly beautiful, though incredibly fleeting and fragile.

And indeed imagine the kind of man who would make not just one of these beauties but a thousand million billion of these fleeting wonders. The vast majority of which are not seen nor appreciated by human eyes.

What fascinates me is what kind of a man would be so shamelessly extravagant with something so seemingly fickle and temporal.

A man of extremes no doubt.

And wild in his delight and joy.

A man who makes things not so much for function but simply for beauty and for delight.

A man you would describe as fierce and gentle. Fierce and fiery in his desire though gentle and tender in his touch.

Not to mention he would be a man with the finest sense of colour coordination in the world.

And this would be a man so unlike any person I have ever known.



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