Just do it.

There is the increasing conviction within me that humans are fickle beings, and mostly unaware. We jump from philosophy to philosophy, idea to idea, thought to thought, emotion to emotion. And we do this largely without a great deal of realisation or clarity. At least I do.

I am noticing with great regularity the inconsistency of my thought and emotional life from one moment to the next.

And to my shame I am noticing a stubbornness that rears its ugly head when confronted with another person’s ideas no matter whether they are similar or different to mine. So I am noticing a personal agenda that gets in the way of thinking that isn’t even clear in the first place.

So I am learning to think less. Ironic, I know.

And to just do more. To embrace more. Not in a fashion that I would make me fickle, but open.

To plunge into the unknown, not with trepidation but with boldness. That’s the ideal anyway.

And there is a marvellous peace that comes with a letting go of needing to think and work everything through. And a freedom to live in the now, to “smell the flowers”. A freedom to give the person in front of me the full and undivided attention that he/she deserves.

Perhaps Nike has been onto something all along.


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