I am Australian born Chinese, and a part-time Dentist/Practice manager who likes to go on mission trips to pull teeth. I have a passion for eating, cycling, prayer, missions, business, and thinking and writing (maybe one day preaching) about life and freedom and Jesus (in my experience they seem to go together).

This blog is a bit of an open book into my life as I try and continue to navigate my way through it. 28, almost 29 years in, the journey is constantly a hard but beautiful one. I have the blessing of having a bit of time to sit and reflect and this is a medium through which I can do that. Thanks for taking the time out to read and consider the ideas put forth here.  I hope there that there is light to be found here and that it might help to provide clarity and growth in your journey as well.

Re: the name of the blog, I asked God a while back to give me a Psalm to call my own. He gave me Psalm 24. My prayer is that I would be part of the generation of men and women that God is raising up who would be salt and light in an apathetic and dark world, who would go to the ends of the earth, who would demonstrate a level of authenticity, integrity, freedom and intimacy this world has never seen before.


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