What Rolf Harris and Church Scandals reveal about Human Nature

Rotten Apples
Scratch below the surface of our gaudy, botoxed culture of self-gratification and you find a depth of depravity and brokenness that is seldom acknowledged or known. Indeed perhaps we are mostly in denial about it. Rolf Harris’ recent fall from grace and the ongoing revelations about child sex abuse in all kinds of institutions are bringing to light a darkness that has existed and continues to exist inside the human heart.

It is a time not to judge or condemn – those outside, but more critically, those inside the church. But it is the time to have the clarity to realise that our very own hearts contain within them the same capacity for brokenness and sin.

To the extent that we continue to deny and hide away in shame, is the extent to which we remain like a rotting apple. Bright and plastic on the outside, festering on the inside.

‘There is no-one righteous’
To the extent that we encounter a God who is radically unlike any human being. To the extent we see the love in his eyes. To the extent we encounter the acceptance and purity of his heart, and the depths of love that flow from those eyes of fire – is the extent we shall find healing and life.

Don’t let fear hold you back. Let him in, and you will be wrecked, for the better. May you encounter a Jesus that does not choose to point his finger and heap shame and condemnation like those who did so on a woman caught in the act, having been pulled straight from the scene. No, Jesus, ever so gentle and yet unyielding in strength, turns away the accusers one by one. And turns and says so tenderly: “Where are your accusers?…Then neither do I accuse you, go now and leave your life of sin”.

‘I have come that they may have life’
So the redeemed Christian in a sense, lives a life of external rigidity. And yet we are those who have an internal vibrancy and river of life flowing unlike no other. Inside each chest is a vibrant, bright red, beating heart – that is free from shame, condemnation, fear and despair.

You may meet one and never know that life so abundant and free exists on the inside, and the way it manifests is different for each person. But I do believe you can always see it in their eyes.