The Story of the Ages

This shall be the story of the ages
A story of how the God-King became a man
Out of extravagant love
Love that is stronger than death
Jealousy as unyielding as the grave
A God who is ravished by one look of his beloved
Who put on skin and frailty and  mortality
To lay his life down
And in so doing
To purchase and claim for himself:
A pure and spotless bride

And if you were to look
Into the eyes of the man
On the cross
You would have seen
Eyes like flint
Filled with deep longing
Unmoving and steady
Locked on his bride
It was for one purpose for which
He choose to hang there:

And so the story of the ages continues
A story of how the God-King
Wins for himself a bride
Fully in love, and completely yielded
Not through any hint of coercion or force
But love:
Stronger than death
Jealousy unyielding as the grave

The bride
Gently but surely
Helplessly and so sweetly
Finds her heart awakened
And in response
She begin to love
Though ever so weakly
She begin to sing
Though ever so poorly

As surely as His love is strong
The bride finds her heart healed and tender
Full and free
And there shall be a song
That arises from a bride
Completely surrendered
Out of extravagant love
And earth to heaven shall sing:

So deeply
The father’s heart is moved
No longer able to contain himself
He says to the son:
“It is time”


An alternative to a generation of Biebers and Mileys

More than any other generation before us in history do we have the potential to impact/change/affect the spheres in which we live (our immediate contexts to our cities, to our nations, to the world). The human being has always been a creative, productive, hungry, and desiring creature. What sets this age apart from any other is the platforms and technologies available to administrate and project these qualities or gifts…

…for the greatest amount of good human history has ever seen

…or for a great deal of bad.

News of Justin Bieber’s arrest last week reinforces what we have seen and continue to see consistently from a generation of young and old. Here is a generation of people with more influence, power and money/resources of most human beings at any point in history. And the exploits we hear again and again, are of individuals in trouble with the law, indulging in excess, waste, drugs and etc. Why does greatness in this world seem to come hand in hand with hedonistic, narcissistic, meaningless behaviour?

And here I would like to raise the possibility of an alternative. An alternative that is not simply behaviour modification – simply because if what I really want to do is to satisfy myself in ways that ultimately do damage to my body, and to those around me, YET by sheer force of will and self-control, I do the right things – that is actually bondage. No, that is too superficial and restricting.

So what if our very natures could be changed? I don’t want to exist doing what I really don’t want to do, but doing it because I know it’s the right thing to do.

No, I want to DESIRE and SEEK the good of myself and those around me. Then my good behaviour is actually a hedonistic pursuit of a fundamentally good and altruistic nature. That is what I want to call true freedom. Freedom in its fullest and best sense, because it is freedom for me in the sense that I get to do what I want and it is freedom for others and for the society in which I function because of my good deeds.

This ‘beautiful alternative’ would CHANGE THE WORLD. This phrase “change the world” is thrown about all too easily today and it has lost meaning, but I want to emphasise that mean it in it’s actual sense.

The world would be changed.

I want to suggest that this is what Jesus meant when he said ” I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” That the kingdom of God in its fullest manifestation is filled with people who only ever do what they want to do. The kingdom is filled with people  that they are completely hedonistic but those in whom the hedonistic desires and behaviours are deeply altruistic.