Radical as the new Normal

WHAT IF we stopped theologizing away the teachings of Jesus?

WHAT IF we read them and followed them literally?

WHAT IF we stopped making excuses for why it isn’t possible?

WHAT IF we began to see that everything that Jesus calls his people to walk into is for the sake of our freedom and peace and joy and nothing less?

WHAT IF we understood discipline and obedience as pathways to freedom?

And I suppose what I have presented before you appears a mountain so high it cannot be possibly be climbed.

But as with every journey – it begins with the first step.

And at every step there is a river of grace and mercy that finds us and enables us to take the next

And in fact after a ways on such a journey one might look back and realise that we have been carried all the way thus far.

And so it will be for a generation with

Clean hands and

Pure hearts,


The hill of the Lord.