The place of the word and prayer for the Christian

What I have to say here is rather radical. It feels that way to me and I’m the one writing it. Perhaps I write to remind myself as much as getting a message out.

We must find ourselves in the position and posture where the realities presented in the word of God,¬†and the realities of the Kingdom of God are more real and more tangible than any other reality. They must be more real to us ¬†than the reality that social media constructs, than the reality that is provided to us by western capitalism, than the reality that mammon and houses and possessions gives us. Kingdom realities are primarily unseen realities, and are not generally tangible in the physical realm, and yet when you get a taste or a sense of them, you cannot deny their existence and in particular you cannot deny their ‘rightness’ for the human being and this world.

How do we get into this position and posture? We find it in a place of prayer in reading the Word of God.

With greater intensity than that which the world throws its consumerism, individualism, hedonism at us, we must throw ourselves (via prayer) into the realities portrayed for us in the word of God about the Kingdom of God. It is the only good, sustainable and significant reality. The war is real and it’s happening, whether we know it or not.

…until our faith becomes sight

And so Jesus is not coming back to find a half-hearted, luke-warm bride still living for the faux-realities constructed by a gaudy and glittering but empty world. No, Jesus is far too beautiful, far too captivating, far too able, and far too worthy. And he shall split the sky to find a praying and singing church, that he has made pure and spotless, operating in the fullness of the first commandment and living fully in the unseen realities of the Kingdom which by then shall be seen. She will be whole-hearted, pure and spotless, radiant in the purity of her heart, blazing in her desire, and stunning in her beauty. Because He will do it, and He is able.