Finding peace and joy against the odds

What if joy is more a function of the gratefulness you express than that of what you have or what surrounds you? In other words – joy is more a function of perspective than circumstances.

We swim in an ocean that surrounds us with agenda driven messaging that says you can control your circumstances. It tells us that says you can have joy by having things or doing things.

And perhaps these are terrible lies that plague our minds and hearts. They are lies that feeds the horrible mindset that we can be god of our own lives and beyond. Lies that feed our pride. Lies that kill joy and contentment, and breed fear, anxiety and depression.

So why not run into the face of our generation’s deepest fears and let go of your need to reason and understand and control everything, and give away your possessions. So often we run away from the sources of fear – when the answer is to run headlong into it.

Begin celebrate what you have.

Begin to daily choose contentment

And you may find that you will be quite alright, and the things that you thought you needed, you are perfectly fine without.

And you may find that a joy and a peace and a contentment will begin to spring up, if but a seed.

May we be known for being a generation that runs headlong in the opposite direction of everything around it.

May we choose gratitude, and choose generosity, daily.

May we be filled to overflowing with an outrageous and contagious joy.